“Envisioning Pasefika Wellbeing” in New Zealand.

O Le Nu’u Trust is a community-led trust providing wellbeing services to Pasefika people in Wellington. We are a faith-based organisation that is founded on Christian values.

Coming together like a woven basket is our Motto. We can't help everyone but if we can be of help to some that are in need that is the aim.

We know some families can struggle to pay their power bills or keep their home warm in winter.

New Zealand has the 6th cheapest electricity in the developed world, but poor-quality housing and a lack of insulation means we use a lot of it which can lead to high bills.

We want ALL families to live in warm, dry homes with affordable energy costs.

Our Values

  • Faith – Fakatuanaki (Tuvalu)

  • Love – Hanisi (Rotuma)

  • Reciprocity – Oronga ia mai (Cook Islands)

  • Relationships – Va Whealoaki (Tokelau)

  • Respect – Fa’a’aloalo (Samoa)

  • Leadership – Veiliutaki (Fiji)

  • Service – Fekafekau (Tonga)

  • Trust – Onimaki (Kiribati)

“E lauhoe mai na wa‘a; i ke kā, i ka hoe; i ka hoe, i ke kā; pae aku i ka ‘āina.”

Everybody pull the canoe together; bail and paddle, paddle and bail; and the shore will be reached.
(Meaning: If you pitch in with others, the objective will be achieved. -Hawai'i)

Our Partners